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Approved Club Registration

Approved in NSW to offer Historic Registration (club rego) along with the 60 day logbook.



And Older Vehicles Accepted

Eligible Vehicles

We welcome memberships for all bikes, cars, caravans and four wheel drives that meet NSW Historic Registration requirements. All you need to provide to us is an Inspection Report (pink slip) from your local mechanic and some photos - no club inspections, no compulsory meetings and no other hassles!

To be eligible, your vehicle must:

● Be at least 30 years of age.
● Comply with applicable vehicle standards as at the date of manufacture.
● Be in original condition with no modifications, no alterations and no camper conversions. Safety accessories and wheels available in the period it was manufactured may be acceptable.
● Have identification plate(s) that show the VIN/ Chassis number and that the vehicle was originally built for sale in Australia (no imports).
● Be roadworthy and have a recent Inspection Report (pink slip).


Answers to Your Questions

What is the difference between Historic Registration and Classic Registration?

Historic Registration is only for vehicles that are in original condition, Classic Registration allows for vehicles to be modified. At this stage we are only able to offer Historic Registration in NSW.

Do I have to attend club meetings or have my vehicle inspected by the club?

No, all meetings are entirely optional. You can conduct all business with us online and your local mechanic can provide the required Inspection Report (pink slip).

When can I use my vehicle and what is the logbook?

The logbook allows you to use your vehicle for personal use up to 60 days per year. Our club does not allow you to use the vehicle for any commercial use such as paid passenger transport. You will receive a logbook when you register the vehicle and must fill it out before you start your drive. In addition to the 60 days, you are allowed to use the vehicle for events organised by the club.

What do I need when applying for Historic Registration with the state?

● Original Historic vehicle declaration form signed and stamped by us.
● Original Inspection Report (pink slip).
● Proof of ownership such as a receipt or old rego papers.
● Previous number plates if not already returned.
● A completed application form, your ID and payment.

Do I need an inspection to renew the registration?

Yes, the state requires either a club inspection or an Inspection Report (pink slip) for renewal. Even though our club is authorised to conduct inspections, we still require you to get an Inspection Report (pink slip) from your mechanic. This is because we believe inspections should be left to professional mechanics for safety reasons and are unable to reach all our members due to the large area we cover.

How can I find out my information or if my vehicle is eligible before joining?

For any questions, please feel free to send a message on the Contact Us page. You can also submit your vehicle details on our Eligibility Check form which is accessible from the Join Now page.

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